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Wadada Leo Smith Live at Roulette, Brooklyn

On December 15th and 16th, 2011, Wadada Leo Smith came Roulette’s music space in Brooklyn to celebrate his 70th birthday…  He was here two nights, playing three sets each night, each set playing with a different configuration of musicians (trio, quartet, sextet, octet).   Each set was really great.  Below are some pictures from those nights.



In this review on, the author only seems to specifically mention the oft cacophonous larger ensembles on Friday night.  Thursday is only mentioned in describing the type of musical style-melding that Smith is known for.

That’s kind of too bad because while Friday was worth seeing to any fan of progressive musics, Thursday’s sets were pretty stellar in my mind.    His opening and closing sets (with Mbira and his Golder Quartet respectively) were really fantastic.  The second set with String Quartet and Thomas Buckner was a pretty good one too, with abstract string tones and Buckner’s eerie vocalizations together with Smith’s crystal trumpet.

Play list:

Thursday, Dec 15th

Wadada Leo Smith’s Mbira

i.  Dark Lady of the Sonnet (USA premier)

ii. Sarah Bell Wallace (USA premier)

iii. Mbira

iv. Zulu Water Festival

String Quartet + Wadada Leo Smith & Thomas Buckner

  i. Opuntia Humifosa: String Quartet, Voice, Trumpet (world premier)

Wadada Leo Smith’s Golden Quartet

i. Dejohnette

ii. Caravan of Winter

iii. The Year of the Elephant

Friday December 16th

Wadada Leo Smith’s Golden Sextet

  i. Tabligh

ii. Piru

iii. Al-Shadhili’s Litany of the Sea: Sunrise

iv. South Central L.A. Kulture

Wadada Leo Smith’s Silver Orchestra

  i. Central Park Thomas Buckner, voice

ii. Africana 2 (Violin Concerto) Jennifer Choi, Violin

iii. Occupy the World for Life, Liberty and Justice (world premier) (for Sarahanna and Kashala)

Wadada Leo Smith’s Organic

  i. Leroy Jenkins’ Air Steps (USA Premier)

ii. The Well from Bitter to Fresh Water, part 2 (USA premier)

iii. Joy : Spiritual Fire : Joy / Organic (in memory of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed)

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