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Mothership – Larry Young

Mothership - Larry Young, Blue Note Records
The album, Mothership, is a great one from Larry Young.  With a great line up (Lee Morgan on trumpet, Herbert Morgan on Tenor sax, Eddie Gladden on drums, and, of course, Larry Young on organ) and recorded in 1969 during a time of some of the greatest jazz albums of all time, one shouldn’t expect less.

The thing that I love about Larry Young on this album (and Unity for that matter (also on Blue Note)) is that he uses the organ differently than most other hammond B-3 players.  Rather than emphasizing the usual soul-rock sound that  the B3 can often evoke, he plays it in a far more progressive, experimental way without ever getting too far from the core of the song or losing jazz’s core of blues.

This great album belongs in every jazz lover’s collection, imho…


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